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Marbled Lampshade

Marbled Lampshade

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One-of-a-kind lampshades by Mark Betty, crafted from marbled mid-century endpapers.

Available in three sizes including an offer with additional waxed cord.

All items are handcrafted. These lampshades use vintage marble endpapers so the colour variation and marble pattern may differ from shade to shade.

Bred in Bristol and formed by London, Mark Betty has been a frock designer (Blanche and Romance en Stuc) and, loosely speaking, common shopboy (Workers for Freedom, Souleido, Elizabeth Eaton, Colefax & Fowler and Tobias and the Angel) all the time looking, gleaning and working bloody hard so as to be able to see (and execute) what’s (in his view) well done. All that has come to fruition (be that sweet or sour) as Mark Betty London. 

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